Shimmeringly Hot
20th January 2002

Shimmeringly Hot Example Script for TV ad

Notes on strategical variations in relation to markets


Example TV Script




JOHNNY and four FRIENDS watch TV.

Doorbell rings.

Johnny, get the pizza, will ya?

Alright, alright.

JOHNNY takes ten-pound note from coffee table.

This enough?

Yes, get with the program - any pizza, any size, nine-ninety-nine!

Get us a drink while you're up, Johnny.

JOHNNY opens front door to DOMINO'S DELIVERY MAN, hands him the note.

DOMINO'S DELIVERY MAN hands over the pizza.

Thanks ... nine-ninety-nine.

DOMINO'S DELIVERY MAN extracts handful of one-pence coins from a pocket, hands one to Johnny.


(looks sheepish as no tip)

JOHNNY puts pizza on breakfast bar, gets drink from fridge. Returns to sofa, passes drink to FRIEND THREE.

FRIEND TWO Where's the pizza?

(turning towards breakfast bar)
Over there. I'll get i...

SHOT - JOHNNY's VIEWPOINT. Area above pizza shimmers - everything above and behind it out of focus, difficult to see due to shimmering. JOHNNY shakes his head, blinks his eyes and emits double-take. Shimmering remains. Gets up and goes to pizza looking the other way towards TV.

JOHNNY puts pizza on coffee table, sits down. Area above pizza shimmers - TV which is behind the pizza out of focus. JOHNNY shakes his head, blinks his eyes and emits double-take, looks around him to see if the others have seen anything strange.

JOHNNY looking worried, looks straight at pizza box, opens. it and puts hand on a slice to pull it away from the rest of the pizzza. As his fingers touch the slice of pizza he wants, they get slightly burnt from the heat of the sauce and he has to withdraw his hand. Smiling to himself, he has solved his problem and even if only temporarily and in this trivial way, he is happy in his own world for now.

Notes on strategical variations in relation to markets

Shimmeringly Hot Domino's Pizza Ads.

Notes on strategical variations in relation to markets

The advert does not have to centre on white males but would do in the situation described in the Example Script. To target other markets, 'Johnny' could be with his family, with his partner or at a party. Each different situation could involve other causes on which Johnny initially blames the problem he seems to be experiencing, for example; beer in the situation portrayed in the example script, being involved in a stressful moment with his family, or in the middle of an argument with this partner.

A longitudinal campaign based on this idea could keep the pizza and the fingertip-burning off the screen until later in the campaign, with 'Johnny' remaining oblivious to the cause of the shimmering whilst the by-now Domino's Pizza-buying public will be well aware and laughing at him/with him when he discovers the real cause. The formula used in the example script keeps the pizza and the logotype on screen at all times and provides a moment of revelation at the end of each ad.

No real need to create a longitudinal campaign exists - entirely different situations could be created for each ad using different characters. The idea is extremely easy to apply to minorities and majorites of race, class, gender and sexuality - all of whom can afford £9.99!